48 years of funding scientific research in Finland

Research Grants

The Foundation gives research grants to individuals or groups for scientific research relating to outpatient care at a PhD or postdoctoral level. The Foundation is especially interested to fund research that aims to study the effectiveness of care, research on subjects that have economic significance at a national level, research that increases transparency and sharing of information in scientific process and research that tests the repeatability of significant research findings.


Applications can be sent in three identical, physical copies by mail to address:

Avohoidon Tutkimussäätiö, Päivättärenpolku 1, 02100 Espoo.

There is no requisite format for the application. As a minimum requirement, applicants should provide a research plan and can also include a cv, list of publications and recommendation letters. The application must include the contact information of the applicant: name, personal identity code/business identity code, address, phone number, e-mail address and payment details (bank account number and the name of the owner of the account).

Direct Investments

The Foundation makes direct investments to companies in healthcare, pharma and biotech sectors. Usually we invest on the first venture capital financing round as the lead investor. Private placement and secondary investments are also possible. We have a maximum of ten unlisted investments in our portfolio at a time.

The Foundation is an independent charitable fund that channels its profits back to new research and new investments. The evergreen fund of the Foundation has no set investment horizon unlike a venture capital fund that has a limited partnership structure. Our mission is to drive the development of health by supporting new firms as they commercialise the highest quality life science research.

Current Portfolio


Our investment focus is guided by science that produces tomorrow’s technologies. We focus on innovations that are based on scientific research and technologies that are backed by scientific breakthroughs. We search experienced teams that work with high momentum to acheive great human and economical impact. We invest in ambitious firms that employ new technologies and solid business models. Our portfolio companies combine significant impact characteristics and high return potential. The Foundation has an exceptional track record in backing ambitious companies to success.

Previous Direct Investments

  • Pikkujätti – pediatric services
    Sold to AAVA
  • Remote Analysis – remote diagnostic services in clinical physiology
    Sold to CORONARIA
  • RemoteA – research and development of diagnostic algorithms
    Sold back to management
  • KIDE Technologies – digital service platform in ophtalmology
    Sold to TOPCON
  • Blueprint Genetics – next generation sequencing laboratory services
  • Nanoform – nanoformulations for pharma industry
    Listed in OMX Nordic Helsinki & Stockholm
  • Mobidiag – molecular diagnostics for infectious diseases
    Sold to HOLOGIC